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If your ecommerce business is ready to go live, you need an experienced team to create a fully functional, user friendly website that is mobile friendly and optimised for the search engines.

Our WooCommerce stores are developed to attract and engage more of your target audience. We will put in place measures to move visitors along the sales funnel and then ensure that the WooCommerce checkout process is carefully designed to maximise conversions.

WebGrow can be your ticket to success and to ensure that you have the full package, we offer all WooCommerce customers the added bonus of:

  • We offer email marketing automation for our PrestaShop stores
  • The shopping cart and checkout process are carefully designed to maximise conversions
  • All PrestaShop stores are mobile friendly and optimised for the search engines
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Why WooCommerce

Probably the best reason to go for WooCommerce is the fact that the entire system is free. This open-source platform gives users an extensive array of advanced E-commerce features.

WooCommerce shops are capable of selling virtual, affiliate/external and downloadable products as well as physical goods. All products can be given custom sale prices, set of different attributes, have their own shipping rates and be categorized.

WooCommerce is one hundred percent E-commerce platform that comes with many features such as product reviews, coupons/discounts, subscriptions/recurring payments, Paypal standard payment processing, and flat rate shipping.

There’s no other free WordPress plugin available that presents the same level of potential aside from WooCommerce.

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A few good reasons
to work with us.

As e-commerce specialists, WebGrow knows exactly what it takes to develop a strong web presence and sell online. We adhere to best practice web development procedures and combines technical knowhow with experience in business marketing to ensure we consistently deliver the highest standards in e-commerce website design.

If you chose us to be your design partner, you can be assured that your WooCommerce site will be secure and provide you with all the tools you need to efficiently run your e-commerce business.

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