What Is SSL and Why Does Your Online Store Need It?

May 24, 2016
May 24, 2016 admin

Here’s Everything You Need to Know about SSL

An anti-virus software is something that not many people consider as essential until a malware is staring at them in the face.

Some people fail to appreciate their importance and neglect to have one installed on their computers. The result? When a damaging virus gets a hold of their computers, they will be left with some unfortunate reminders of their disregard for safety and protection – corrupted files and compromised security.

It’s the same thing with SSL. If website owners fail to realize their significance and decide not to have one set up for their site, then the result will be catastrophic. They’ll end up hurting their customers and do irreparable damage to their business.

Just like how you need anti-virus software for your computer, you need an SSL certificate for your e-commerce website. But what really is this and why does your online store need it?


Understanding what Lies Beyond the Acronym – SSL

The acronym stands for ‘Secure Sockets Layer’. It’s a widely deployed security protocol that uses encryption to make sure each transfer of data that happens on the Internet is secure.

This means if you have this on your website, all of the data that a customer will share to you on your site is secure and is protected from hackers. The data can be personal information shared when creating an account or submitting a form or credit card information provided when making a payment.

Why You Should Have It

We all know what happens when you don’t use SSL encryption technology on your website – bad things. But let’s discuss specifically how it can affect your customers and your business. There are several reasons why having one for your e-commerce website is completely necessary.

As explained earlier with how SSL works, any data that’s shared on your website by a customer is kept safe from people with malicious intent – hackers. Using SSL will prevent personal or financial harm from happening to them that may due to compromised identifying information. This is the most important reason for setting up an SSL certificate for your site.
Having an SLL on your online store, your customers will trust your website and they will feel safe sharing personal or financial information which are needed to make a purchase with you. So this means no hesitation in visiting your website over and over again and in making multiple transactions online.

In some cases, customers who are fully aware of the importance of SSL might have this as a requirement in ordering products online. And because having an SSL certification on a website has become a standard, if you don’t have one for your e-commerce store customers might be discouraged from your site. As a result, this might prevent them from purchasing anything on your site and prompt them to go to a competitor. And this is something you never want to happen.


Final Thoughts

Customers need to know that going to your website will not cause them any harm. As an owner of an e-commerce website it is also your responsibility to ensure that any information your customers give to you is not made accessible to anyone.

One way to ensure this is to buy and set up an SSL certificate for your e-commerce website.

Don’t wait for an unfortunate incident to be staring you in the face, use SSL encryption on all the pages on your site and keep your customers and your business safe and protected.

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