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Shopify Pricing: What are the True Costs

With a rapidly growing number of global online shops being set up on Shopify, the platform is gaining considerable attention.

As a fully hosted option, it is promoted as the ‘complete ecommerce solution’ and it certainly offers plenty of desirable functionality.

There are many good reasons why to choose Shopify for your online store.

When a product promises to offer everything you need to sell online, except the products, you expect it will cost a fortune. So, what are the true costs of a Shopify store and does it offer good value?

Package Options

The first point to note is that Shopify offers a range of options. The Basic package, which could be perfectly suitable for a small online business, costs just $29(£22 – Shopify Pricing UK) per month.

At the other end of the scale, the Enterprise package that would support a large, global trading company and costs $2000 (£1523) per month.

Shopify pricing uk

Shopify Basics – What’s covered in the Monthly Fee?

  • All the Shopify packages offer you a mobile friendly, functional and secure shop that makes it easy to market your goods to your customers.
  • You are also offered a wide range of free website templates and apps within this price. These enable you to create the online presence you are looking for.
  • Hosting is also covered by this fee.At this point it is important to point out that Shopify’s hosting is fast. This means that, even with a large product range, your website will be quick to load, which is essential for any online store.
  • The company have also invested heavily on secure systems, so any Shopify store will be safe to use.
  • Finally anyone using Shopify also benefits from their reliable customer support service, which can be invaluable to any online business.

These are the fundamental features and each package offers additional features that support the development and management of an online store. You can compare the options and select the one that best meets your business needs.

Transaction Fees

In addition to the price paid for the monthly package, you also have to pay a transaction fee. This is a small percentage of your total monthly sales. On a good month you’ll pay more to Shopify, but you’re not going to face a big bill at a quieter time of year.

It’s important to note that transaction fees aren’t payable on all Shopify packages, so take this into consideration when you are choosing the right option for your business.

what are shopify transaction fees

Credit Card Fees

You can opt for a number of different payment gateways for your Shopify store.

These include Shopify Payments, which is integrated into the store templates.

You might also want to offer alternatives including ApplePay, PayPal, SagePay and Skrill, which are all compatible with Shopify.

These third party payment options will charge a ‘per transaction’ fee for using their service.

what are shopify credit card fees

Add Ons

There are a vast range of free Shopify templates and apps that you can choose from. There are also templates and apps that you have to pay for.

The price you pay for any added extras will depend on the functionality and features that you need to make your online store fit for purpose.

Many online brands also sell their goods in a physical store. If this applies to your business, you want a sales platform that works efficiently for both in-store and online operations.

For this reason Shopify offers a full retail package with everything you need to aid and integrate your sales. At present the retail package is offered at $49 per month.

shopipfy pricing retail

Developer Fees

If you are looking for a truly unique store that is professionally branded, it would make sense to pay a developer to transform a template into your style. A developer can also help to seamlessly set up your store, or migrate an existing store across to Shopify.

It’s fair to say that you do need a little technical knowledge in order to set up the store according to your requirements, so paying an experienced developer is a worthwhile investment to get exactly what you want.

So the Shopify Pricing is dependent on your choices, but equates to:

Monthly fee + Transaction Fees + Payment Fees + Cost of Add Ons + Developer Fees

In short, Shopify isn’t the budget option, but it provides everything you need to make it simple and convenient to effectively manage an online store and this makes it excellent value.

If you are asking yourself a question “Is Shopify a good option for Me?” or you are unsure which package is right for your business, Webgrow are happy to advise.

We offer Shopify Support Services to ensure you get the most from your online store from initial selection to resolving technical challenges.

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