Why You Need E-commerce Product Reviews

April 28, 2016
April 28, 2016 admin

Here’s What E-commerce Product Reviews Can Do for You

People will always have something to say; and if you have an e-commerce website you can use this to your advantage.

Product reviews have been used by Amazon and EBay and they have proved to not only be useful for online consumers but advantageous to business owners as well.

You may be thinking ‘I am no Amazon’ or ‘I am no EBay.’ But wouldn’t you want to replicate some of these e-commerce giants’ best practices? Well, the product review is one of them. And many e-commerce, both small and large scale, websites are already following suit and are experiencing success in their business because of it.

If you need more convincing, here are some reasons explaining why e-commerce product reviews are essential for your online business.


Increase Conversions

Having reviews on your website helps increase conversions. Various studies have been made to support this claim. These studies show that customers will more likely buy from a website that has user reviews and customers trust reviews more than the manufacturer’s descriptions. In fact, customers treat product reviews like personal recommendations and they trust reviews as much as they trust recommendations.

Especially because online customers don’t have the ability to personally examine a product as they would if they went to a brick-or-mortar store, they would need the reviews on the website to help them decide.

So if you have product reviews on your e-commerce site, site visitors are more likely to purchase from your online store.

Help with SEO

Reviews will give you have fresh and unique content on your website. And we all know this is what search engine spiders are looking for to consider your website as useful to readers. With the standard product specifications and descriptions that are found on most of e-commerce pages, a customer review will give an added dimension that will set you apart from the rest. Ultimately this will give your website the edge to rank on search engine results pages.



When customers search for ‘(product name) + review’ and you have reviews of that product on your website, you’ll also have the change to pick up from this traffic. And as more consumers are going online to read reviews and ratings before actually buying a product, this means more chances for your website to be visited by potential customers.

Build Trust and Credibility

Aside from your overall website design, the product review is one of the things that can give you added points when it comes to your business’ credibility. When visitors go to your site and see other people vouching for your business and swearing to the effectiveness of your product or the great customer service that they good from doing business with you, then they trust your business more.

Even one or two bad reviews can do your site good. If site visitors only see good reviews they might get sceptical and think that the reviews are not authentic. However, a few bad reviews will make your good reviews more believable.


Plus, these bad reviews can also serve as risk mitigators allowing the site visitor to know the worst case scenario and already have an idea on what to expect. Just make sure you don’t have too many bad reviews in there though as this will surely put off your potential customers.

The bottom line is if you maintain a good credibility and earn the trust of your customers, then this will go a long way for your business.

Final Thoughts

The good things, and the few bad things, that people say about your product and your business can help you gain more customers. Use this to your advantage and place user reviews up on your website to help potential customers get a better idea of what it is you’re offering.

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