Migration to Shopify

As a relative new comer to the world of e-commerce, Shopify offers a fast, flexible option, with plenty of attractive features. If you like the look and functionality of Shopify stores, but feel that you are stuck with the e-commerce platform that you have, fear not!

If you are confident that there are sufficient benefits to switching, migration to Shopify, from any platfom is possible. 

  • Move orders, customers, categories and products to Shopify
  • Seamlessly migrate from any platform to Shopify
  • We can plan, organize and execute your migration
  • We have experience with many different Ecommerce platforms

The Challenge of Migrating to Shopify

The main challenge of switching to a Shopify is that there is no standard format for storing and categorising the data. This means the process is more complex than a simple, automatic transfer; the data needs translating.

As specialists in e-commerce platforms, WebGrow has a detailed understanding of how Shopify and the other systems are constructed. This means we are well equipped to export the data from the existing system, rearrange it into the format necessary for Shopify and then import it in.

Due to the different set up, there is likely to be some data that is stored and accessed differently on Shopify. We can ensure that all your data ends up exactly where it should be in order that the system operates as intended.

Expert Help with Migrating to Shopify

In addition to the data, page content, blogs, gift cards and tokens have to be transferred and this still relies on the basic copy and paste method. The URL structure is also different and so these need updating using 301 redirects and the domain name also has to be migrated.

Shopify’s migration settings aid this process, but it is still time consuming and you need to be confident that you’ve covered all the necessary actions. This is where our expert assistance can be of great value.

WebGrow will ensure that your online shop operates effectively, makes the most of all the appealing Shopify features and is properly optimised for the search engines.