Landing Pages and Lead Magnets

October 16, 2014
October 16, 2014 admin

What are Landing Pages for?

Fresh IT Solutions know that one of the most vital instruments of creative a powerful e-commerce approach is having a good Landing Page.

Landing Page is known as a magnet to good consumers and web-goers as it is a standalone platform, page that helps visitors to have minimal options and have them captured in going further to the marketer’s site – this makes the conversion better in terms of figures. There are two types of Landing Page namely, ‘Click Through Landing Pages‘ and ‘Lead Generation Landing Pages‘.


What are those?

From the title itself, Click Through Landing Pages are used to capture visitors and have them enlisted on the traffic for your specific website, where you decided to add the spectators. Many of the website visitors oftentimes hesitate to go to a certain website, and this could be a great option to have their presence added on your “low counted” visitors. This type evidently is a technique to gain more traffic including on the Google SEO and have higher rates on the Google Analytics.

See one example of a lead page here. Moreover, this also would be efficient for better advertising campaigns.

However, Lead Generation Landing Pages is a type that acquires visitors’ information including their email and phone numbers. Note, this is not supposed to use for spammers as best websites do not send spams. Lead Gen LP invites people who subscribe to be a partner of a specific site. This could be useful as it becomes a median between the consumer and the marketer.


Landing Page Services:

We, Fresh IT Solutions, your Aylesbury web developers, offer extensive support on creating Landing Pages. By the use of our own software to create such customisable pages, we can assure that your business website would be catchy for the betterment of your side’s revenues. We are endowed with several factors that lifts us as apart from the others:

  • Our web designers and web developers have advanced training
  • We have real marketers and business analyzers in the company
  • Our system can identify specific types of conversions
  • We, too, focuses on spam control
  • Our main goal is to supply excellent quality, and not timeless of quantity

On several types of Landing Pages we create, we are focused of using several types of applications and softwares, which makes us more versatile from the others. If you want to learn more, contact us today and we will surely entertain your concerns.

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