How to get Traffic to your website?

November 5, 2014
November 5, 2014 admin

Traffic Talk 101:


How can I get Traffic on my website?


To be honest, traffic is everywhere. There are few things you must keep yourself noted in making sure that your website is under control. Your website is your home. Consequently, having regular visitors going to your home keeps your reputation stable and reliable. As far as e-commerce stores and blogs are concerned, making sure that your website is fully optimised and up-to-date keeps Google Searches notified. Thus, having your website featured on a higher rankings is what makes a website more accessible.

Some factors that your website is not as much powerful than your competitors is because of Traffic. We all know that the Traffic can be acquired everywhere. We will be naming some, but these don’t stop:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Amazon
  5. Other blogs… (oh yes, this would be BILLIONS of people)

Having this said, any website has a potential to increase its reputation just by being outsourced from any advertisements. Plotting several strategies in specific matters — such as services, talks, gossips, news, and etc — is vital. Suggesting that a business site is growing, the owner (or shall we say user) must keep an eye on the traffic. The traffic needs business, so offer them services. But the traffic needs more, so offer them news!

Being vast and abundant on services and links won’t be a mess. Always consider checking on your demographics that could be supplied by Google Analytics. In Fresh IT Solutions, and considering our experience on web hosting, website’s Traffic will drastically increase on paid advertisements.

Let’s start on Facebook Advertising.


Facebook Advertising

Facebook, as the greatest and most populous social media platform today, could be of a great influence on your website. Everybody is there! Business, news, music, just name it and anything is ready to be deployed and publicized in just a single click. Posting can always be a mind game. Having the public see you, them being interested to click on your specific link attributed, them liking your page, will be a blow up. So let us start from the basic.



Let us say that your website is currently on progress. Well, all sites are and it would be endless. But what if your contents aren’t too much, then Facebook posting will be a key. Facebook users can always see your post by engagements and publicity control. A specific advertising action called PPC (Pay Per Click) or PPA (Pay Per Action) are two of the most trusted and reliable Facebook Advertising stratagems.

Next is consider brainstorming on your services. Answer the questions below:

  1. Who are your target users/readers?
  2. What specific genre or music, type of business, or kind of topic you will be posting about?
  3. Where are you based and where do you want it to be spread? Consider the country and the state.
  4. Will you be dedicated on continually adding media on your page?
  5. How much is your budget then?

Once you have answered all, then create your page, add interesting photos as the profile picture and cover, and add your first ever post. My tip is to post your site itself.



Once you have done the basics, let’s continue to the most exciting part. Advertise by use of Facebook Ad manager.


You must click on ‘Boost Post’ and have your engagement and package ready depending on your budget and as time passes by, you could see you post on the side box, located on your right, of the number figures.

In many ways, Facebook has always been the utmost choice in advertisements. First, because it is huge and second, because it is easy and cost-friendly.

For many occasions, a specific and unique visitor will always be coming from your Facebook Ads. Primarily, because this scopes the people who are particularly looking for a specific site like yours.

Give it a try and contact us if you need help on advertising.


LinkedIn Opportunities

Let’s take a look on this video below and have an inner sense of ourselves.

Just like her, anyone on this business can have this success we’ve all been wanting for. On the basics on website traffic, you can always do this with the help of LinkedIn. Just by creating a profile of your company, hundreds can call you asking for your support and your website’s services. Why hesitate on creating your own success story?

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