7 Proven Ways to Generate Quality, Sales-Ready Leads

January 25, 2016
January 25, 2016 admin

How to Generate Quality Leads

Sales leads are the lifeblood of any business. If nurtured properly, these sales leads will allow them to increase their customer base and eventually grow their business. This is why all companies try to generate quality leads to keep the business going and fuel its ascent to bigger opportunities and wider customer reach.

But how can you generate quality leads?

Experts say that there is no one way for different businesses. The effectiveness of a type of method used will depend on the type of business you have and the target market that your company has.

Before you can test the different types of medium though, you need to know what the various options are. Compiled below are the different suggestions from sales and marketing experts.

Traditional techniques


Customer referrals, trade shows, conferences and industry events, as well as co-marketing. These are the techniques that have been used by many businesses long ago. They have been proven and tested over the years, and they still work.

 Customer referrals
Word of mouth is the oldest form of generating quality leads. It’s also the most effective.

When you have a happy costumer that refers your products and services to someone else, there is a high probability that is a quality lead.

The customer knows what your company offers and most likely also knows what that other person needs, so in this case the referral becomes a very credible lead. So how do you get customer referrals, you need to make sure that you provide exceptional customer service to all your clients to ensure that they enjoy it enough to spread the word to their friends and family.


 Industry events
Name and face recognition is very important as it will set you apart from other businesses and one very effective way to do this is by speaking at events. Trade shows and conferences are great venues to talk about your business and present your products and services. Following this up with letters or emails and calls will then ensure that you are kept in their minds.


Teaming up with a complementary and noncompetitive vendor to market your business and exchange leads is also very effective. In fact, it ranks high up there with customer referrals in terms the success in generating quality leads. Think of great vendors to partner up with and cross-promote and co-market with these to get you leads for your business


Digital Age techniques

 Quality content
Content is king. By providing useful content like blogs, eBooks and webinars, your business will be considered as an authority in your industry. This way, consumers will trust your business and you will generate leads even before the consumer has made a buying decision, which is the earlier part of the buying process.


There are two things that you need to have on your website to help you generate quality leads. These are putting your contact information on every web page and adding a live chat box.

By having your contact information on every page of your website, you will increase the chances of potential clients contacting you. And by having a live chat box, you will make it easier for them to get fast answers about your products or services. This will show customers that you are always available to cater to their queries and needs.


Consumers these days turn to the web first, specifically Google, before they decide on which provider to hire or shop to buy from. This is the reason why implementing SEO, SEM and PPC best practices are crucial as these are very effective ways to generate leads. If you rank on Google or are easy to find on the Internet, this will make you more available to potential clients.


Social media
Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are platforms you can use to promote your business’ products and services.

With the large number of users of these pages and the many ways available to capture leads in these platforms, generating quality leads are easy.

These platforms are also constantly providing new services that help businesses in their lead generation campaign. One that was launched by Facebook in 2015 is the Facebook Lead Ads that aims to connect people with businesses in just two taps.



As businesses vary, the technique used to get quality leads may also differ. The trick here is to examine these methods and see which works best for your business and your target audience.

Once you generate the leads, it is then important to score, track and most importantly to nurture them so your leads will not end up as just leads–but sales conversions.

Are there any more lead-generating ideas you’d like to add? What has worked for you so far? Leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

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