Google Shopping Ads Setup

Google is the largest search engine, generating over 1 billion searches every day. As a result, Google is the best online advertising platform for your business to tap into.

Organic search engine optimisation (SEO) can no longer be relied on to get your web pages ahead of the competition, Google Shopping Ads are the only way to ensure your products are found at the top of the listings.

Google Shopping Ads are an effective means of showcasing an image and brief product description in front of people who are specifically searching for that type of product. The advert includes a direct link to a specific page on your website, where the visitor can find out more about that product.

Google Shopping Ads can be a powerful tool for growing your business, providing that they are set up and managed properly.

Everything you need to advertise your products on Google

As e-commerce specialists, WebGrow knows exactly what it takes to prepare an effective Google Shopping Ads campaign. Allow us to help you reach the customers who matter most; the ones searching for your products.

Google Shopping is by far the most popular and cost effective PPC advertising option for driving prospective customers to your website and boosting sales.

Here’s five ways that we’ll help you to start selling on Google:

  • Install conversion tracking tags in your Ecommerce store
  • Setup Google Merchants Centre, Analytics, and AdWords accounts
  • Configure shipping rates, taxes and merchant details
  • Create a product feed and publish your products
  • Create Google Shopping campaign in AdWords

Everything you need to advertise your products on Google, so get in touch today!