Facebook advertising campaigns – 3 tips for successful and memorable campaigns

March 6, 2015
March 6, 2015 admin

Facebook advertising campaigns

St John’s Ambulance are my favourite Facebook group at the moment, for such gems as their Ryan Gosling inspired first aid posts (#firstaidRyanGosling), and their sponsored posts #TheChokeables – a step-by-step video guide teaching viewers how to deal with choking in infants and adults.

Admittedly, not an amusing subject, but portrayed in an amusing and memorable style that has proven extremely effective – just check the on-page testimonials!

One of their recent, and highly popular posts is shown below:

I really feel that the St. John’s Ambulance Facebook marketing and advertising campaigns highlight my 3 top tips for Facebook advertising – starting off with their use of images.

The images chosen are not directly related to St. John’s Ambulance, but because they are a little out of character, they stand out all the more!

The images they choose are clear, even when scaled down to a thumbnail, and, even though, some of the images have text on them, the text is still legible, even when scaled down.

So here go my St. John’s Ambulance inspired tips!

Tip number 1

Use bright, eye-catching and clear images on your Facebook ad, that look good even when scaled down.

You may also want to ensure that your brightly coloured advertisements or posts contrast with the Facebook standard colours (blue and white) so they pop out even more!

Ensure that any text on the images is also clearly legible.

Tip number 2

Employ humour in your Facebook advertisement picture or text if possible – something that will make the reader look twice.

You may find that this significantly increases the number of ‘likes’, ‘shares’ or ‘comments’ your advertisement receives, and promotes your business as an exciting, engaging and fun-loving brand.

As long as that is how you want your business to be perceived!

Tip number 3

Make the copy of your advertisement or featured post clear and concise, and memorable!

Don’t add too much information – I have seen a huge number of Facebook advertisements crammed full of text that the eye just passes straight over.

You want to draw potential customers in with your bright and engaging picture, give them the basic information that they need in the text part of your advertisement.

Leave the wordy, longer descriptions of your product or service for your Facebook page or website, once your engaged audience has ‘clicked’ through.


So there we go – my 3 tips for the day!

Good luck with your Facebook marketing and advertising strategy and ongoing campaign!

And if you have a moment, head to the St. John’s Ambulance page – it really is well worth a look, and you might end up with some extremely useful first-aid skills!

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