5 Tips and Tools for Google Analytics

November 20, 2014
November 20, 2014 admin

What are the effective tools for Google Analytics?


There are so many tools to keep track on what’s happening with Google Analytics. In addition, some other tools are basically for the website’s performance — mainly traffic and website’s social media performance are concerned. However, knowing what are the causes that a website flunks is primarily the most essential for web optimisation.

Optimisation in the sense that you are aware where your visitors go and backs out so you are capable of creating things the right way. Some says that optimisation is easy and that knowing several platforms and installing plugins would be fine. But that’s not the real thing.

Let’s all be truthful to ourselves that no matter how easy it seems to be, web optimisation is very difficult. Just to emphasize further, it is hard in the sense that some bloggers only depend on what Google Analytics is saying.

Here’s the best part of this blog. Showing and introducing several tools for Google Analytics. To know further of what Google Analytics is all about, try to read some of our blogs focusing the same topic. Like getting massive Traffic On Your Website.

Disclaimer: All tools here are all based on researches and experiences. But there are possibilities that some wouldn’t work on specific websites, due to the fact that these platforms are way different from each other and it tackles different goals and targets.


1. Quill Engage

This is a new platform that reads all the information that you send them from Google Analytics. These findings would be expounded on a straight English and all will be delivered by figures and percentages. Moreover, those demographics that aren’t usually understandable by so many bloggers, who aren’t professionally inclined with such, can easily be monitored and understood.

To check on the platform, you may want to click here and read the video below showing what Quill Engage is all about.


2. Panguin

On this platform, you will be able to monitor the Google Algorithm based on what you sent to the platform. Just like any other platforms and software, the main goal of Panguin is to help you sort and read the demographics the easier way. Moreover, this platform is usually used to identify if a specific blog post had affected your website. In many ways, Panguin gives off the specific and straightforward reading of what has happened on the site.

In many cases, there are some blog posts which you think had benefit your website, but it didn’t. So, thanks to Panguin by Barracuda Digital!

Next tool creates another funnel tactic… and that’s


3. PadiTrack

In website optimisation, funnel is very necessary. Making sure that your visitors continue to read and check what’s more on your website creates a good impact on the Google SEO searches. Some traffic can be diverted by social media shares, but somehow your visitors might just tend to leave after several seconds. On this case, landing pages are necessary. Such landing pages can double the views and a possibility that the visitor might actually subscribe for your automatic mailing.

Funnel is basically adding so many pieces together by chain, and your visitors will be diverted to another article or blog post. Good funnel optimisation can be very applauding to some. But there are some users who are having headaches due to the confusion of what’s going on.

Hey, here’s the thing… go to PadiTrack and see how well is your funnel working. On our recent blog post, we have expounded the Funnel Optimisation. Now it’s time to check if it’s working. Give it a try today!!


4. N2K ( Need to Know)

Just to assume that you don’t get all the first three the way you wanted it to be — I’m referring to the way it gives you the results — then go for this fourth suggestion tool we have. The N2K. This platform basically impounds the traffic, the main country, the language, the landing pages, and the lead. All of these elements combined create a better demographic. The graph result sums up all the percentages of how did the current landing pages or the latest traffic analysis complements. Sometimes, the user aren’t capable of understanding how does the A/B Testing work. However, on this N2K platform, you won’t be needing more A/B Testing to analyse the data given on the result page.

Indeed, it is easy and fast. Check on the platform on the link provided here. Just follow the simple steps, and we assure that N2K is really worth the try.


5. SEO Profiler

And lastly, our favorite, the SEO Profiler. Well the SEO Profiler works well on its first days of free trial. However, upgrading to pro membership is a must when you are really looking forward for good website optimisation. Several factors really are identical to why does the SEO Profiler stands out.

  1. SEO Profiler has more options than any of all these suggestion tools have combined
  2. The SEO Profiler seems like another Google Analytics working for the website.
  3. Crawlers are more than any of all the first four choices
  4. The SEO Profiler basically adds more options as time and upgrades have passed.
  5. Website Optimisation is way easier having the SEO Profiler giving the specific needs for the site. More demographics, more results, more pieces of information… way better understanding.

For more information about these tools and how can you optimise your site properly, contact us for more details or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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