4 Compelling Reasons to Build an Email Marketing List

May 2, 2016
May 2, 2016 admin

Reasons Why You Need to Build an Email Marketing List

Enjoying a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee while reading the day’s paper – this is how most people started their day. They read up on local, national and international news by reading through the dailies. They also found out about upcoming sales or new product arrivals of stores in town through the advertisements by skimming through the paper. This was the usual scenario at homes all over the world. But this was years ago.

Now, having a newly blended vegetable smoothie or protein shake while checking outlook or Gmail is the scene you see in most households. There are still some who stick with the coffee and newspaper, but for people who do everything online – work, interact with friends, order food and buy clothes or kitchen accessories – the first thing they tend to do each morning is to go online and check their email.

As a business, isn’t this a great opportunity that you can use to your advantage?


Email marketing is not something that most businesses are keen on. And it’s such a shame because of the huge marketing potential it can bring to a company.

Let us convince you.

Here are the reasons why you need to build an email marketing list and the benefits you will get when you do it.

It’s Personal and Direct

An email you send lands directly to a person’s inbox. This makes it personal and direct. The receiver will feel like you are talking directly to them also because there’s no middleman. As most marketing emails are casual and friendly, as what your emails should be, they are also a great way to gain their trust.

Seeing a post on Facebook and Twitter can sometimes feel impersonal. With emails sent directly to someone though it can make things more special and can have a bigger impact on most people.

It’s One-on-One

If the recipient has some questions or feedback about your email, the can reply to and this communication will stay private unlike comments or replies made to Facebook or Twitter. There are actually a lot of people who don’t like making their queries or clarifications public for everyone to see and prefer doing it in private. Emails make this possible.

This setup makes you to build a one-on-one relationship with your audience.

It Gives You a Wide Reach

Yes when something is posted online it is available for everyone to see. But really how many people will get to see this post? Research says one post can actually just reach an average of 1-2% of your Facebook fans. Because people follow many pages and profiles on social media pages, your post may get pushed down to the bottom with your intended audience not seeing it.

With an email, as it goes directly to their inbox, a large majority of your email subscribers will see it so this means a larger reach. And once you get more subscribers and you collect more emails, your audience will increase.

It Gives You Repeat Customers

Amazon is one big e-commerce site that makes use of email marketing to get people to buy more products from them. They have proven that regularly sending their subscribers offers and pitching multiple products gets them to go back to their site and make purchases.

Imagine visiting a site, seeing and maybe even buying a product you like, and then subscribing to their email list. A few months or even just a few weeks later you may have forgotten about them. Then one day you get an email from them telling you that they have new arrivals and they’re also offering a sale on last season’s products. If you were satisfied with the product that you bought from them, you’ll likely go back to their site to check out what they have and may even end up buying more products from them.

That’s how powerful email marketing is.


Final Thoughts

We may consider emails as only a means of correspondence with our boss, co-workers, friends or family members, but there’s certainly more to it than that.

Get into people’s inbox and let your announcement and pitch be the first thing they see when they open their emails every morning. Build an email marketing list and discover all the benefits that they can bring to your business.


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